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World class experiences for men to
heal, grow and transform.

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About me

Hey, I'm David and this is Mantra Menswork. 

We provide world-class experiences for men to heal, grow and transform. Through coaching, courses and menswork retreats we guide men to find purpose, clarity and the practical skills to thrive as men, lovers and fathers.


I started Mantra Menswork to give men the direct support and wider community I needed when I was suffering with depression and was close to taking my own life.


More specifically, I'm a transformational coach and menswork facilitator providing men opportunities through coaching, courses and retreats to master their emotions, remove the barriers and beliefs that hold them back, figure out what they need to do next and guide them to achieve it, creating the life they want.

I help men feel better, unlock their potential and create the change they want, and need in their lives.

I support men who are tired of feeling frustrated, angry, lost, alone, apathetic, unhappy or not achieving what they know is possible. This can show up as:

- Feeling disconnected in relationships

- Pushing people away

- Feeling overwhelmed by responsibility

- Moody and withdrawn behaviours

- Shouting at the kids or avoiding them

- Feeling lost and unhappy with work

- Unhealthy addictions to; junk food, alcohol, porn, drugs, video games, exercise etc.

- Aggressive/dismissive with a partner


Get in touch, book a connection call, and let's see how I can help you.

Want to know more about me...?

"This weekend marked literally one of the biggest shifts in my being that I have experienced. Through breathwork I connected with deep emotion, self-loathing, sadness, loneliness and had space to let it all out in all its rawness. I came to a place of self-forgiveness and a deep groundedness and calmness that I have rarely felt. I got to step out my comfort zone and connect with some amazing men, in a deeper way than I have with most of my oldest friends."
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