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Man ALIVE is an empowering 6 month transformational coaching programme for men looking to create real, lasting change in their lives.

You're a successful man, you've got a lot to be grateful for but there's something missing!

Man Alive is here to help you go from feeling lost, low and unmotivated to finding purpose, direction and becoming present, powerful and living an abundant and contented life.

Whether it's levelling up, getting back on track or connecting to a strong and supportive community this programme will support you to become the best version of yourself.

Consisting of two 4-day retreats and 6 months of online group and one-to-one coaching, all following the A.L.I.V.E coaching method, we deliver a comprehensive end-to-end service for self improvement.

It's designed to give you everything you need to be the hero in your own life.

Who it's for:

Man ALIVE is for you if you feel like you know what you need but can’t seem to make yourself reach out and grab it.  

Man ALIVE is for you if your life isn’t all it could be right now and you know you need to step up and make some changes.

Man ALIVE is not for you if you’re looking for another weekend retreat. We don’t solve big problems, make big changes or move mountains in a weekend.


This is the commitment you've been looking for to make the changes you know you need to in your life.



This is our introductory experience, offering you the opportunity to either start your journey of self development or deepen into an already existing path. This one day retreat combines deep transformational breathwork with transformational coaching & menswork sessions focussed around the 4 main masculine archetypes (King / Warrior / Magician / Lover).  

This powerful one day immersion can create shifts in perception that lead to massive changes in men's lives. We've seen them really help men realise their potential, moving from stuck and unhappy to thriving and purposeful.

Throughout the sessions men experience & improve; 

- Self Reflection

- Emotional Intelligence

- Exploration of Identity

- Communication skills

- Community and support


8-9th June  |  13-14th July  |  24-25th August

This is our community event where we all gather for 24 hours of true connection. 

- Connection to ourselves

- Connection to nature

- Connection to supportive brotherhood. 

This is a powerful reset, a chance to get away for a day and clear our heads so that we can return home better than we left.


We gather as men and talk about real stuff. We talk about ourselves, our actions, our thoughts and ideas and we support each other to move through anything we're struggling with. This event is an unstructured, intentional hang out - the antithesis to the regular pub hang out.


You wont wake up with a hangover, you'll wake up feeling refreshed, enlivened and connected.

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